General Osteopathic Council, Orthotics and Fake Internet Slander, Back and Joint Pain Centre Caterham Do you believe all you read on the internet or in the press? Don’t you ever question the background of slander you read, or wonder why people go to these lengths to slander someone’s name? What is their agenda and motive? And do all these slanderous posts by mr or mrs anonymous stem from just a tiny number of internet addresses? Do you realise how easy it is for someone to slander your name on the internet? It could happen that an ex-lover or stalker with any old axe to grind can write whatever they want on any old internet site over and over, and the job you would have to have these removed is impossible. It is true Google was forced by the courts to allow people to have their names removed from malicious websites and posts; however, Google had to be forced to do this, so are definitely not going to make it easy for you to get these things removed. Unless very wealthy, the legal route is not an option, neither is SEO which can cost you thousands of pounds a month and therefore your anonymous assassins remain free to slander your name as and when they want. Frightening isn’t it? My Own Internet Slander Experience Many of you reading this would have searched my name on Google and believe I am the devil incarnate! I am merely a practitioner that cares for his patients, does not charge a fortune, and offers 35 years of clinical
experience to his patients to get his patients out of pain as quickly as possible. The problem began when we opened clinics across the UK specialising in orthotics. I had worked out a method of treating very difficult conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis  using a particular kind of custom prescribed orthotic. This upset many health professionals that had struggled with these conditions, and they saw us open more and more clinics, and advertise in national papers while becoming a very wealthy company. The company was founded by my now ex-wife and myself. It ran for many years very successfully both for us financially and for patients. We worked very hard and long hours and reaped the rewards. Our websites showed hundreds of testimonials from delighted patients and things ran very well. Other practitioners dared not slander us over the internet as we would have been financially very able to sue them with great ease. My book “The Layman’s Guide to
Foot and Heel Pain” had sold around 35,000 copies both UK and worldwide. People sought out my skills with foot pain and we boasted an incredible success rate with our orthotic prescriptions. I had cleared the foot pain of many celebrities including snooker player Jimmy White, who having tried many past treatments talked of the success in many press articles following the treatment with me. However, like many companies at this time Parish and Bell (the company name) fell victim to the bank and taxman including internal “jiggery pokery” and collapsed. My ex-wife was now with a man who had his own orthotic company who made orthotics for podiatrists, and after the collapse of Parish and Bell neither he nor the podiatrists wanted to see me make a comeback and impact their business as I had before. Therefore they played a dirty trick and posted a lot of fake internet posts pretending to be old patients, practitioners and aggrieved people. The posts were cleverly done and looked very convincing. Some were very slanderous. I was helpless to remove these as I was now flat broke financially. Many of these posts still remain, although at my request, many were taken down by the website owners. Many irresponsible website owners just allowed people to write what they wanted in the interests of populating their blogs and allowed them to stay. I found this very disturbing that practitioners would get involved with this slandering and non-professional activity.  However, if you are the type of person who believes all they read on the internet or in newspapers, I am sure all the explaining in the world will make no difference to you. You have read it so it must be true!!!
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Page 1 | November 2014
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